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Money is a powerful symbol, one that people often use unconsciously to act out emotional issues. I have often come across clients whose mismanagement of their finances is rooted in deep emotional issues that are often unrelated to money itself – money becomes just a means to express needs or fears that are rooted in early relationships.

An example of money difficulties clients have approached me with include clients:

  • who don’t live comfortably within their means because of a sense that they never have enough money, or because they feel they didn’t deserve their wealth
  • who cannot negotiate matters related to inheritance because of the complex family dynamics that get in the way of a mature, rational conversation.
  • who find it too anxiety-provoking to make investments because of past financial trauma
  • who find the thought of giving to themselves something (spending on oneself), guilt provoking and therefore cannot spend with enjoyment
  • who overspend and accumulate debt without being able to establish boundaries around their spending
  • who cannot resolve differences around money management with their partners or families.

I have a dual background in both finance and psychology, with an MBA from London Business School, a Bachelor Degree in Psychology from University of Pennsylvania and a four-year Post Graduate Diploma in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy. This unique blend of skills enables me to help clients think through their relationship with money.

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We would first meet for an Initial Consultation. This purpose of this session is to explore what are your difficulties with relation to money and the potential emotional roots of the problem. We would also discuss how many sessions to move ahead with (a course of 6-10 sessions is usually recommended).

During ongoing sessions we will explore your relationship with money, both historically and in the present. I will help you identify unconscious thoughts and associations to it, and we will look at your past experiences related to your current behaviour. When money is getting in the way of your relationships, we will analyse those relationships to better understand what is being acted out through money and think about how else to resolve those issues.

The goal of therapy is to help you gain a deeper understanding of your difficulties and together explore options so that you can implement the changes you desire. These are not financial planning sessions and I won’t be offering investment advice.

People find that money is one of the issues that are difficult to discuss openly and honestly with others and the fact that our sessions are completely confidential, offers a space in which to safely explore ideas and options.

An initial consultation is a 50 minute session. The cost is £85.

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